Benefit from patented M-pe instantaneous barrier superconducting technology The electric pulse interferes with the lipid bimolecular structure in skin cells, producing a temporary, reversible water flow Dao is a method of increasing cell and tissue membrane permeability to promote percutaneous introduction. While forming a water-based channel, ionS electron microflow technology * is used to make the liquid in the product State substances cooperate with electric ions to produce directional flow from epidermis to subcutaneous, along water-based channels to be efficient Conductivity of product components to the skin, while not changing the ph value of the product solution and its own effect


   Non-invasive scalp introduction apparatus

In the skin (scalp) self-protection mechanism, the lipid bilayer in the stratum corneum plays a role

Aquaporin is an important barrier, and aquaporin is embedded in the lipid bilayer

A protein located on the cell membrane (intrinsic membrane protein) that forms "pores" in the cell membrane,

It can control the flow of water in and out of the cell, acting as a "pump for the cell."




frequency 625times/s
voltage 40V
Electric current 5mA
Pulse operating time The interval is 1:3

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